• Ticker : GREENBEAN
  • Contract Address : 0x2c98C308dcEd995FBF675F0B7392B68DC1AAa3b1
  • Chain : Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
  • PreSale Supply : 700,000.00
  • Listing Price : 1$ or above
GREENBEAN is native token for BeanSwap next version. Improvise for better and longer period. Our aim make sure BeanSwap exchange become best platform for users to start their Yield Farm for longer period with lucrative profit and long term.
There's currently no hard cap on the supply of GREENBEAN token, making it an inflationary token.
Community members often point to this as a cause for concern, and while the dev team certainly understand the wish for a hard cap, there's a big reason we don't expect to set one in the near future:
GREENBEAN's primary function is to incentivize providing liquidity to the exchange. Without block rewards, there would be much less of an incentive to provide liquidity (LP fees etc. would remain).

Token Allocation

Pre Sale : 72% Developer : 3% Operation : 5% Reward : 5% Marketing : 10% Branding & Sponsorship 5%
Pre mint burned token : 999,993,000,000 GREENBEAN (99.9993%)

Emission Rate

  • 1 GREENBEAN/ block
  • 28,888 GREENBEAN/ day
  • 9.09% to the dev team to ensure essential growth of the project

Why GREENBEAN Has A Hard Cap?

There's a hard cap on the supply of GREENBEAN, with a burn mechanism making it a deflationary coin.
GREENBEAN primary function is to become a deflationary utility coin with decreased supply and increased value over time, to incentivize people to mine it, hold it and use it.

What is GREENBEAN Deflationary Mechanism?

1. Reducing Block Emission

Emissions will be reduced by % every day making it harder and harder to slow down the inflation.

2. Other burning mechanisms

  • Developing games for burning mechanisms. Regular token burns are built into many of GREENBEAN's products, with more on the way.
  • New ideas and developments such as Predictions betting in progress

3. Constant PRICE PUMP!!

  • The 5% burn will be used to purchase GREENBEAN from the various liquidity pools.
  • For example: If people staked GREENBEAN-BNB LP, 5% of the LP tokens would be used to buy BEANSTALK from various BEANSTALK pools.

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Why GREENBEAN Has A Hard Cap?
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